Privacy and cookies disclosure statement

The present disclosure statement has been drafted to disclose principles regarding confidentiality of the use of personal information to which Face3DBO Non-profit Association focused on research in the field of maxillo-facial surgery must abide, including information collected by means of this website. On this page there are details outlining the management of the website as per the processing and administration of personal information belonging to visiting users. This disclosure statement is provided in accordance with Article 13 of d.lg.n.196/2003 (Code for the protection of personal information) for the benefit of those who engage with online services accessible remotely using url The disclosure statement is provided exclusively for the present website and not for other websites visited by the user through links active on this site. By visiting the present website you implicitly agree to have understood and accepted the privacy disclosure statement and the terms of information processing outlined therein. Face3DBO Non-profit Association focused on research in the field of maxillo-facial surgery – Registered office: Via Massarenti 9 - 40138 Bologna (BO) in the person of its acting legal representative owns the processing of the aforementioned information, which is carried out on premises at the associated headquarters for the aims outlined in the present disclosure statement.
The processing connected to web services of this site is performed only by internal personnel designated by the holding association, expressly charged with said processing, and by external licensors for occasional maintenance/website management duties. Personal informaiton supplied by those users who subscribe to the newsletter are used solely to the ends of processing the request or delivering the service. Such information may be used by the association for the following purposes: a) customer relationship management; b) carrying out economic activities proper to the company; c) other purposes connected with the work of the company and of those associated to it (for instance, improving products and services offered, even if not strictly connected to the services requested by the interested party; market research on customer satisfaction, etc.). Should it be necessary to collect information allowing the perosonal identification of the user in order to provide said user a certain service, the user will be asked to voluntarily disclose the necessary data, which will then be processed solely to provide the service.

Types of information processed

1. Common personal information
Personal information is given to us directly by the subject in question (user), submitted on an at-will basis, voluntarily and explicitly, by means of the completion of specific forms for the request of certain services found on the website which are necessary to fulfill (possible) requests for information and/or contact presented by the user. For example, the following data can be retrieved from the contact form: name and surname, phone number, e-mail address. Other information may be given by the user spontaneously using the message option in the contact form.

2. 2. Log information
The systems and software procedures underpinning the functioning of this website collect, through their standard operations, certain information the communication of which is implicit in the use of internet communication protocols. This includes information that is not collected in order to be connected to identifiable individuals, but that by its very nature may lead to the identification of users through processing and association with information owned by third parties. In this category of information are included IP addresses or the domain names of devices used by users that log on to our site, the routing information or Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) of requested resources, the date and time stamp of the request, the method by which the request was submitted, the size of the file delivering the response, the numerical code indicating the response status provided by the server and other parameters linked to the operating system and the overall IT environment of the user. This information is used with the sole aim of collecting anonymous statistical information regarding the use of the site and to control its proper functioning, and is immediately deleted upon processing. The information may be used, solely by the judicial authorities, to verify responsibility in case of presumed cybernetic crimes against the website.

3. Cookies
Cookies are bits information created by a server that are stored as a text file on the hard disk of your computer which allow the functioning of the present website, the use of a specific function explicitly requested by the user and which therefore also contribute to the improvement of the present website, such as cookies that lead to more rapid browsing or show contents most relevant to the user's interests based on previous search queries. Cookies may be permament (so-called persistent cookies), but may also have a limited lifespan (so-called session cookies). This site uses both persistent and session cookies. Session cookies are not stored permanently on your computer and disappear upon closure of the browser. Persistent cookies are required to customize the browsing session according to the device used by the user (computer, tablet, smartphone) just as third-party cookies are used to analyze website access (e.g. Google Analytics) and to allow users to share site content via social networks (FB) or e-mail (Add This). Such cookies are stored permanently on you computer and have a variable lifespan.

This website specifically uses the following cookies:

Cookie name Type Service name Description name Lifespan Domain
_ga Third-party analytics Google Analytics Used by the API of Google Analytics n.d.
_gat Third-party analytics Google Analytics Used by the API of Google Analytics n.d.
readcookie functional Privacy policy disclosure statement Hide bar of privacy policy disclosure statement 1 year
PHPSESSID technical WebServer Browsing session ID until the conclusion of browsing session
SERVERID technical WebServer Identification of server managing user request until the conclusion of the browsing session

Google Analytics Cookies
Our website uses Google Analytics from Google, Inc., a service providing measurement statistics and performance analyes of the site through the use of Cookies. To read the privacy policy of Google Analytics, visit the page For the Google's privacy regulations, please consult the following url

Google Adwords & Google Remarketing Cookies
The website may use Google Adwords and Google Remarketing technology. Both are managed gestiti by Google Inc. Even the monitoring function of AdWords conversions uses cookies. To help us keep track of sales and other conversions, a cookie is added to to the computer of the user when said user clicks on an advertisement. This cookie lasts 30 days and neither collects nor monitors information that would allow the personal identification of a user. Users may deactivate monitoring cookies of Google conversions in the settings page of the web browser of choice. In certain cases cookies could cause malfunctioning in your AdWords account upon access or during browsing. Should this arise, the best troubleshooting method consists of clearing the cache and eliminating cookies stored for your Internet browser. To learn more click here The user may also deactivate Google Analytics cookies by downloading a specific browser plug- in to be found using the following url

Facebook Cookies
The site may use Facebook Inc. cookies to monitor the progress of Facebook Ads campaigns and any remarketing activity. Click here to learn receive more information on the use of cookies by Facebook:
The user may block the registration of persistent cookies on the hard disk by configuring the browser so as to deactivate cookies. Learn how to deactivate cookies in the main browsers: ChromeFirefoxInternet ExplorerSafariOpera. After such operation, however, certain webpage functions may not perform correctly.

Why we process information

Personal information is provided directly by the interested party (user) and may be used, for instance, to fulfill any user requests, to send promotional/informational material (with explicit user consent), for statistical purposes related to the use of the site, moroever for purposes connected to compliance with legislation, regulation, and European Union norms, as well as instructions issued by authorities empowered to that effect and regualatory entities.

Information Provided Voluntarily by the user
The optional, explicit, and voluntary submission of e-mail to the addresses present on this website, or the completion of forms, implies the subsequent acquistion of the sender's address, required to respond to requests, as well as any other information included in the customer missive.

Transfer of Information
The user is free to provide personal information present on request forms or otherwsie indicated in specific sections of the website to request shipment of informational material or other correspondence. Failure to provide such information does not prevent the receipt of the requested information anonymously. Personal information is processed using automated tools strictly in the time required to fulfill the demands for which the information was collected. Specific security measures are observed to prevent the loss of information, illegal or otherwise wrongful appropriation and unauthorized access to the database.

Rights of Subject

Personal information is processed using automated tools strictly in the time required to fulfill the demands for which the information was collected. Specific security measures are observed to prevent the loss of information, illegal or otherwise wrongful appropriation and unauthorized access to the database.
It is within the user's rights, at whichever moment, to receive confirmation regarding the existence of information related to his person and to learn its contents and origins, check its accuracy or request supplementation or updating as well as its correction. (Article 7 of d.lgs. n. 196/2003). Under the article in question the user has the right to request the deletion, anonymous modification or block of information processed in offense of the law, as well as to contrast due to legitimate concerns the use of information in any way.

Requests for the exercise of the above rights may be addressed to the Company herewith, made out to “the attention of the Privacy Manager” at the following address: Via Massarenti 9 - 40138 Bologna (BO).
This privacy disclosure statement is subject to periodical changes and the use of collected information is subject to the privacy policy in effect at the moment of its use. The present document, published on, constitutes the Privacy Disclosure Statement of this website and is subject to routine updates which will have affixed the date of publication.